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Read Bible (Traditional Chinese), Learn English.

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开发 Edward Choi
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《Read Bible, Learn English》iPhone bible 電子版本, 由本地團體合作翻譯, 讓信徒可隨時隨地閱讀聖經, 學習英語。 《Read Bible, Learn English》有以下特點:
- 支援聖經中英文對照閱讀模式,讓用家可以更清楚明白聖經的內容。
- 用戶可跳到聖經不同的書卷或章節。
- 用戶可於聖經的章節寫下筆記
- 聖經書卷的圖案可轉換個人喜愛的圖案或照片
- 聖經書卷顯示閱讀所需時間

(1) 你可選擇於iTune 點選《Read Bible, Learn English》,然後下載至iPhone。
(2) 你可選擇於iPhone 的AppStore 點選《Read Bible, Learn English》,然後下載至iPhone。

《Read Bible, Learn English》iPhone Bible version, User can read the Bible Anytime, Anywhere

This Bible is produced by local organization, Christrian or Catholic can download 《Read Bible, Learn English》to iPhone and read the wordings from our God Anytime Anywhere.

《Read Bible, Learn English》has some features:
- It supports Chinese and English reading mode, it facilities the user to understand the content of Bible
- User can switch to different chapters or pages of the bible
- User can mark note on the Bible
- The chapters logo of the Bible can be customized to yr favourite picture or photo
- It displays the reading time required for each chapter

User must open a iTunes account before you can download this eBook.
There is two ways to download this eBook:
(1) From iTunes, click《Read Bible, Learn Engish》and then download to iPhone
(2) From AppStore of iPhone, click《Read Bible, Learn Chinese》and then download to iPhone